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march 1, 1980
Ron Weasley

I come from a big family—you all know that. I’m the youngest son and the sixth out of seven children. We played Quidditch, chess, and were overall competitive. I grew up wanting to somehow outshine all of them—my brothers, that is. You get a bit overshadowed when you have six other siblings who do all kinds of amazing things, like be Quidditch Captain, or Head Boy, or start your own business making all kinds of wonderful joke things. I guess becoming Harry Potter’s best friend kind of helped me outshine them in some way, you know?

When I met Harry on the Hogwarts Express, it was great. When he told Draco Malfoy off for saying my family was the wrong kind of people to hang around, it was even better. We got sorted, and I knew I’d be in Gryffindor—my whole family is—and I was glad Harry and I were in the same house. From then on, I kind of went along with everything Harry did—he’s my best friend. Then we saved Hermione from the troll, and well… except for a few ups and downs throughout the years, the three of us have been nearly inseparable.

Things got hard when all we had to talk about was the war and You-Know-Who coming back. That, and I was pretty horrible at Quidditch for a while until I actually got a bit of confidence on the field. Then Dumbledore died and made things pretty difficult, too. We didn’t have much to go off for the Horcrux hunt, but we tried to make do with what we had.

When I was away—no, when I left Harry and Hermione in the forest… I’ve never been more miserable in my life. Going back and helping destroy the Horcruxes and beating You-Know-Who—well, that was all really great. Except for Fred. Couldn’t even celebrate the war being over, because I didn’t really care to an extent. It’s still really hard to talk about—I don’t know how—I don’t think my family will ever be the same again. It was hard working at the joke shop with George this summer; neither of us really felt like laughing all that much, but we decided it was necessary for the Wizarding World to have a bit more laughs, and we knew Fred would’ve wanted that.

It was really great having Harry around for a lot of the summer, too. He really helped us out a lot, truth be told. But Hermione... was gone to Australia, and she never responded to my letters I sent—after we kissed during the Battle, I thought everything would be fine, but I guess not. It would’ve been nice to have her around this summer.

I can’t really believe that we’re going back to Hogwarts, but it’s happening. I’m not sure how I feel about it all that much.


Ron’s got a very loud personality. He fits the stereotype of a redhead to a T—easy to anger and very volatile. He can be very abrasive when he is angry, and usually says a lot of things he does not mean in the heat of the moment. He is also very stubborn, so he will know he is wrong, but he refuses to own up to it for a while, which drags situations out—like when he left Harry and Hermione in the forest, or when he wouldn’t speak to Harry because of the Triwizard Tournament’s happenings.

Despite all this, Ron is a steadfast and loyal friend. His sense of humor lightens situations, and he is a great friend to have at all times. He is a Gryffindor through and through, and although sometimes he may not seem like the most courageous, he always pulls through to make the best of it—for instance, the situation with the necklace Horcrux. His gift with analysis and strategy are two things that make his role in the “Golden Trio” one that they cannot do without. He is a procrastinator to the max, though, and he despises schoolwork most of the time.

After the war, he has become a bit more introspective, however, and more serious when it comes to... well, serious situations. He is also becoming a bit stronger when it comes to taking things personally. The loss of his brother hit him hard. This does not mean, however, that he will have his guard up at all times—he still likes to have fun.

after the war

Much of the beginning of the summer included a lot of funerals—Fred, Colin Creevey, Remus, Tonks… the list goes on and on. The reporters were insistent to have interviews with Harry, Hermione, and him, but as Hermione went off to Australia, he was left dealing with questions, too. He learned—very quickly—to stop liking the attention, especially when reporters would ask about his brother, and stopped doing interviews altogether.

He picked up work at the joke shop with George as a way to pass the time. He tried to keep himself busy because whenever he wasn’t busy, he found himself becoming down, and he disliked those moods because he always ended up yelling at someone. He wrote to Hermione a few times, but after she did not respond to two letters, he stopped writing. He’s not quite sure how he will act whenever he sees her—if she comes back to Hogwarts.