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Gryffindor, Year 6

Default Halley Ohno

March 27, 1981
9th Year
Halley Ohno

Ever since I could remember myself I've always been doing something. Always in action, looking for something, catching something, even hitting something – or someone – at rare occasions. But that’s not how I came to be. Here goes nothing;

So my mum, Elizabeth Connolly, true English, fresh out of Hogwarts traveled across seas to America – the land of possibilities – where she met my dad, Bryan Ohno. She told me it was love at first sight, but it's hard to believe given life nowadays. But I'm getting ahead of myself, lets continue. So, mum and dad fell madly in love. All was good. And then I came. Not that that was bad, just, not exactly planned. Of course neither of them ever told me that, but I'm not dumb, I figured it out.

Anyhow, so at first everything was fine. Sure, there was a baby that needed to be taken care of, but nothing unusual. That is, until odd things happened around me, and eventually my mum couldn't hide the truth any longer. Oh yeah, tiny detail she forgot to mention. Her being a Witch. Needless to say dad was shocked for all kinds of reasons. In the end though, I think the fact that she didn't tell him from the get-go was the worst part. And who can blame him really?

So, when I was nine my parents got divorced. Which was quite horrible. And as if things couldn't get any worse, there was the whole custody thing, and boy did that drag on. In the end my mum got full custody. It made sense – I was giving all the signs that I was a Witch too, so it was the logical thing to do. Though sometimes I wonder if perhaps my dad could have fought a little harder for me.

Whatever. That didn't bother as much as the fact that mum wanted to return home. England home. And I came along with. Which was in perfect timing because I got my letter to Hogwarts and all that. I can't deny - I was pretty excited, but it also kind of sucked. Then again, that way I wasn't with mum or with dad, so it didn't feel like I abandoned my dad completely.

And man, being at Hogwarts is probably the best thing that has ever happened to me. I mean seriously, it’s a Castle! How awesome is that! Got into Hufflepuff, which didn't mean much at first. I know my mum was in Ravenclaw but we never really talk that much. Anyways, Hogwarts. Awesome. Magic. And Quidditch! My god I've been totally missing out all those years not knowing about this game. It's brilliant. And the funniest part is that since I lived in America for most my life, I don’t have that British accent everybody else does. I dunno why, but it humors me.


If someone would have told Halley that she is the typical Hufflepuff she would just shrug and then start talking on and on about stereotypes and whatnot. Of course she is one proud Hufflepuff but the way others perceive her House is not lost on her, and she is not one to hold her tongue – she is quite the opposite; Halley rarely holds back, her virtue and her vice. She is not afraid so speak her mind, even if it can end up hurting her. She's also not concerned to stick out for her friends, even at her expense – she often turns the joke on her to divert the heat from her friends.

Mainly because Halley's one tough cookie. Growing up in one continent, having her parents divorced because her mother didn't tell her father she was a Witch, and then moving to another continent, well, it toughens one's heart, that’s for sure. Don’t get it wrong, Halley is probably the most sensitive and trusting person on earth. She's not afraid to open up to people, even if she got burnt a couple of times. Some might say she's a fool and that she's not learning from her mistakes, but what can she do, she can't help it. She has to give people the benefit of the doubt, because if not, it would mean that everyone will end up like her parents, and being the cheerful person that she is, she can't handle that.

Although Halley's history isn't all that bright and shiny, Halley tries to focus on the good things, which makes her come off as a happy and cheery person. She puts most of her energy on Quidditch, perhaps too much. She's not that much of a bookworm, although she does enjoy an occasional read that isn’t Quidditch related. She's what you say, an outdoors-y kind of gal, although there are moments when she'd rather sit in a comfy armchair and have a good read. She can enjoy the simple as well. In fact, she prefers the simple – that’s why she is so honest, albeit, the honesty sometimes causes more trouble than a lie.

after the war

Despite of what she wanted, Halley didn't fight during the Final Battle. It annoyed her greatly, but in the end she was just glad the whole nightmare was finally over with. As for her summer, that went less smoothly. Being able to apparate, Halley decided to visit her dad, whom she had not seen since she left the States 7 years ago. She left against her mother's wish, and it pissed her that in the end her mother was right. That had to be the worse summer she has ever had – her father was nice and all, but very different than what she had remembered. He was remarried and with a baby boy. She knew she should have been happy for him – heck she was mad at her mother, her dad had all the right to divorce her – but it just felt weird for her to be with his new family. His other family. And she couldn't return home early – she couldn't give her mum the satisfaction. Needless to say Halley was more than happy to return to Hogwarts, this being her final year, she hoped it would be better than the last one – which was crazy.