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Minister of Magic


Severus Snape

Severus Snape hadn’t always been arrogant. He was never humble, but he never showed off just because he could. He would rather spend his day reading a book than antagonizing people. Severus is quite inept at socializing; perhaps his parents barely speaking to each other -let alone him– is the reason he is never fully capable of proper communication. But for the most part it didn’t really matter, because he had his books and the only person he wanted to talk to was doing so.

Despite wanting to lead a simple life Severus was constantly picked on at Hogwarts. He would retaliate, but it was never enough. This turned him from a boy trying to make the most out of the bad life he had into a boy consumed by vengeance. You see, Severus put his skills in the wrong place and in the wrong crowd. While not easily persuaded he was surprised by the interest certain people had shown in him – finally he was looked up to, even respected, and he craved for that feeling.

Severus is beyond the normal smart – not only skilled with magic, he is very logical in a way not all Witches and Wizards can understand. He is quiet – he does not use many words, but his intentions are never unclear. Nowadays it is impossible to read him – he never lets his emotions show, whether they be good or bad. He is usually the last one to state an opinion on anything, being the private person that he is he is rather reluctant to share his input on any matter. Put Severus in a group, and he will not be the leader, but neither will he be a mere follower. He is not incapable of love and affection but by his sixth year he had learnt to shut those feelings away for he had never received them in return, and he believes that leaving your heart open to be read so easily is a sign of weakness, nothing more.

Severus can most certainly stand his ground – he is not easily persuaded nor will he cave under pressure. He had known bullying, and now that he knows how strong he really is he will not tolerate such behavior ever again. At least, not one that is directed towards him. Severus can only take care of one person and that is himself, because he knows that he has no one in the world that will look out for him. So yes, he puts himself first and anyone else second. Except perhaps for Lily, but he would never tell anyone that –not even her– and now that their ways have parted, there is no reason for him to even think about her (even if those thoughts do slither in every now and then despite of himself).

Family History

Eileen Prince had given up everything to be with the person she loved. Coming from a pure-blooded family, when her parents discovered Eileen had fallen for a muggle, they could not bare it –they told her to stop seeing him immediately, but Eileen would not budge. Leaving all she knew behind, Eileen followed her heart and the couple had a wonderful life together. They didn’t think they could be any happier but were proven wrong when one morning Eileen found out she was baring Tobias' child. Time flied by and soon enough a baby boy was born on a cold, snowy January. His name: Severus Snape.

Unfortunately, no sooner than the age of 4, young Severus had started showing signs of magic. His mother easily spotted the oddities of her son right away whereas her husband remained clueless for the most part. You see, while the couple did live happily and lovingly, there was just this one tiny detail Eileen failed to mention – she was a witch.

Eileen didn’t mind not using magic – as much as she loved magic, she loved Tobias more. But now arouse a problem – Severus was showing signs of magic, and the toddler had no way of controlling it. Eventually Tobias shared his concerns with his beloved wife. She, already feeling tired and worn down from trying to conceal her son's magic, finally told her husband the truth of who –what– she really was, and apparently their son.

Needless to say this came as a shock to Tobias. Instead of being supportive Tobias took a turn to the worst, disgusted by his witch of a wife. Hurt and heartbroken, Eileen tried to make him see reason, but to no avail. From then on, Tobias either spent his time at work or at home drinking away his misery. Although devastated with his reaction, Eileen couldn’t bear leaving him – she didn’t have anywhere else to go (her family disowned her). She also couldn’t bear the thought of leaving Tobias, because despite it all she still loved him. Thus, Eileen stayed with Tobias and Severus, but she would never be the same loving, affectionate person she once was.

When Severus was old enough to understand, he tried getting his parents to talk with each other but that only backfired in his face: instead of making up and returning to being in love, they would end up fighting and screaming at each other. It was as if his parents had forgotten what it was to love, and not just each other, but anyone, because Severus rarely saw any signs that either of them loved him.

Just when he thought all hope was lost, during one of his long walks (Severus tried to get out of the house as much as possible now, not that anyone cared) he spotted two girls –apparently sisters– playing in the park. He didn’t understand why he was so fascinated with those two girls – they looked rather ordinary. But he couldn’t seem to look away. Maybe it was their free carelessness – not the disregard he was used to, but actual, joyful carelessness. It seemed like fun and Severus had always wondered what that was like.

Severus made it a daily routine to go by the park. He claimed he wasn’t spying on them; he was simply very adept at staying unnoticed - a trait he learnt at home - and indeed, the girls never seemed to notice him but he was paying close attention to them. Especially to the dark redhead one who seemed to annoy her sister every now and then. Clever boy as Severus was, he easily figured it out – the redhead was like him.

Severus rarely got to show his actual excitement about his true nature at home. His mother was committed to her ignorant husband so most of the time she ignored the magic in her and her son, but there would be times when his mother indulged him about the magical world. That was how he knew for sure what the redhead was – he could spot the signs of magic.

Everything changed on a sunny afternoon. Severus was at his usual spot - unseen. After watching the girls for such a long time, Severus had been planning how he would explain it all to the redhead and how they would instantly become friends and he would finally have something good in his life. The moment would be perfect. But everything backfired and instead of being at awe of him and his knowledge they both ran off, clearly mad and distraught with him. That was not how he pictured this moment. But he needn't worry too much because eventually the redhead approached him. She wanted him to explain and he was eager to oblige. The two would spend most of their spare time together; Lily intrigued by magic and Severus intrigued by her.

It wasn’t long afterwards that the two received their letters into Hogwarts. By then his parents had evolved from ignoring each other to being at each other's throats. The owl appearing didn’t help calm the shouting in the house. In fact, the only indication that anyone was remotely "excited" about his letter was the havoc it stirred in the house. But Severus really was excited; he had just received his ticket out of there.

Eileen Snape had given up everything for her husband: she had given up her family, her magic and eventually her life. It happened a few days before Christmas. She could not bear living anymore – Tobias despised her, her son hated her for staying with Tobias; she had nowhere to go. She only saw one way out of her miserable predicament: taking away her life. Before she did it, she wrote Severus a letter. She knew so little about him, never able to bring herself to care enough to be interested in his life. But he was strong, and only a few days before he turned 17 and become of age; he could handle it. And so, she sent away the owl and shortly afterwards, her life.

Hogwarts History

Severus' first memory of Hogwarts is actually Platform Nine and Three Quarters. Mostly because to him it will forever symbolize the beginning of his magical life. His mother took him to the station – his father refused to go anywhere near anything connected to magic (including his son and wife). By then Severus had gotten used to his parents' behavior although it was clear it bothered him. Instead, the young boy put all of his attention and focus on either Lily or magic, and now – Hogwarts.

The train ride was fantastic except for a minor disturbing encounter with two stuck-up boys who thought they knew better. But with Lily by his side, they simply moved on and continued with their splendid ride. And splendid it was! The scenery was unlike Severus had ever seen, and the sweets trolley – oh Merlin that was most amazing! After a long ride, they finally reached their destination. Severus was sorted in Slytherin, as he thought he would, but Lily was sorted in Gryffindor. While sour he and Lily did not share the same house, there was a part in him that was pleased –his mother wasn’t the best but it still meant something to him to be in her House. He took a seat by a fair-haired Prefect who was happy to greet Severus. It was the first time someone actually put a smile on their face upon meeting him.

Studies were an absolute joy for Severus. He picked up on most subjects with a natural ease, and considered a pleasant afternoon as one with a book on any subject. He took a great deal of interest in Potions as well as Defense Against the Dark Arts. Knowing his fair share of hexes and jinxes (and even inventing some later on) sure helped whenever Potter or Black decided they were bored and he was their punching bag. Standing up to them wasn’t easy – they outnumbered him and had the social skills he lacked to have anyone ever favor him. Except for Lily. She was his one true friend in Hogwarts. Eventually Severus would rather study in his common room to avoid unpleasant encounters. This turned out to be the beginning of something new for him. He started conversing with his House-mates about various subjects, especially the Dark Arts. Severus had a keen knack for the matter. Not used to the welcoming and eager faces he immediately sought friendship with them.

Trying to maintain his friendship with Lily had proven difficult when all he did was either study or spy on Potter and his gang. They were everywhere and constantly had a smug mischievous grin on their faces – he could tell they were up to no good. He had his suspicions – that Lupin kid was always ill at the same date, on a full moon. It wasn’t hard to figure out; honestly, you can discover anything in books if you know where to look.

It happened on a full moon: Severus followed Lupin, it was easy enough – he was skillful in going by unnoticed from childhood. Severus could sense he was on to something; it was all so mysterious it had to be huge! Severus only caught a glimpse of the creature before his sight was obscured by Potter who rushed him out and dragged him to Dumbledore's office. Dumbledore explained the situation to Severus and sworn him to secrecy. But the real horror of the night was when Dumbledore said how lucky he was to have James Potter be there to save his life. That was most definitely not how Severus saw it. Severus thought that was the worst thing that could happen to him. He was wrong; that happened a few months later.

It was after their Defense Against the Dark Arts O.W.L.; Severus was outside for a change – by then he felt a tad more secure about handling himself with other people (and the bullying) although he was much more resentful to the Potter gang, for knowing about their secret and that nevertheless they were all a cheerful, rule breaking bunch. It was the same old story – Potter and Black making fun of him, the audience laughing at him, and Lily coming to his rescue. Only, hot tempered as he was (not to mention lacking the basic social skills) Severus lashed out on her, calling her a name he will forever regret. Lily was already questioning their friendship and that was the last straw. He tried apologizing, but she would not forgive him. She didn’t understand his choice of friends, but he did – they were the only people with whom he shared similar interests, whom appreciated him. Sure, Lily was his friend – his best friend – but she didn’t accept him for who he was.

Driven by rage, jealousy and indignance, Severus spent all of his energy on his magical skills. He was consumed by magic: honing his spell-creations and perfecting potions. He couldn’t actually feel close or attached to his friends - they were merely aspiration-sharers to him. The only person he ever had feelings for (besides his parents) was Lily. They may have stopped talking, but that didn’t mean he ever stopped caring about her. He told his questioning friends it was nothing – a momentarily lapse of judgment; a mistake. It was a lie of course, but how could he admit to it when even she did not care about him?

To make matters worse, just before Christmas on his sixth year Severus received a letter from his mother – a rare and suspicious act of its own – in which she wished him good luck with his life – one without her in it. Severus didn’t let it show, nor had he told anyone about this, but that letter had broken his heart. He was now without the two women he had ever hoped would love him back: Lily, whom he loved but she would not love him back, and his mother, who was supposed to love him but could not show him that she did. There was no one left who might love him (his father was out of the question), and so he turned to the only people who had ever accepted him – Death Eaters. Severus, who had never known what a true home and family meant, could not see the errors of Lord Voldemort's ways – all he saw was companionship alongside driven, skillful people. How could he not be attracted to that?

Severus' seventh year at Hogwarts was different from the rest. Living independently (he didn’t return home after his mother's death) and having no one to put him down had made Severus grow confident and arrogant – but with good cause: he was top of his class and the bullying had stopped. A lot has changed since he was a child – now Severus was the carefree one, not having to worry about anything but himself. Except for a small thought that constantly nagged at the back of his head – Lily. He couldn’t forget her so easily – and how could he when wherever he turned there she was with her dark red hair and green almond-shaped eyes? His heart would skip a beat at her sight; he still loved her, probably forever. But could she love him back?

Severus' time at Hogwarts was at an end, and he will probably never see Lily again; any sense of softness that accompanied her sight will disappear. He had chosen his friends, chosen a side some would say, and he was ready to start the life he had chosen away from those who were supposed to love him but never really did.

Career History & Aspirations

I've been working at the Slug & Jiggers Apothecary in Diagon Alley since I was seventeen. I didn’t come home that summer – I wouldn’t - and so I had to get a job and that was the easiest job in the world. I think – or better say know – that I am much smarter than my boss – sure he knows his ingredients, but he doesn’t understand their full potential. It amazes me sometimes how moronic these people are, and I'd let slip every now and then a useful tip. They would think it's because I'm the nice boy behind the fake smile I put on, but no, it's merely a means to an end - so they would pay better and I wouldn’t have to stay here any longer then necessary.

I will admit that I sometimes do enjoy the simplicity of the shop, but I have my eyes set on something much grander than this measly Apothecary. You see, during my past few years in Hogwarts, some of my "friends" had opened my eyes to a new world, filled with possibilities and prospects of a new way of thinking. Admittedly, I am less interested in the way people think and perceive the world, but I am most certainly fascinated by all the things they have done – and are able to do. I am not that far behind – I even managed to impress some of them with my own skill. But I know I have much more to learn and can grow much more powerful and that is exactly what I intend to do with them.
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